Fields of interest:

· Non-linear oscillations
· Analytical mechanics

Ivana Kovacic’s research involves the use of quantitative and qualitative methods to study differential equations arising from nonlinear dynamics problems mainly in mechanical engineering, but recently also in biomechanics. Besides this, among special interests are the application of special functions for quantitative studies of nonlinear oscillators, non-holonomic mechanics, conservation laws and adiabatic invariants.

Projects conducted have addressed purely nonlinear oscillators, asymmetric forced Duffing equations, elliptic Mathieu equations, Mathieu-Duffing equations, nonlinear equations of motion with slowly varying parameters, purely nonlinear bistable oscillators, isochronous oscillators and dynamics of coupled oscillators. Applications include nonlinear vibration isolators, energy harvesters, gear dynamics, certain problems appearing in stellar dynamics, neuro-dynamics, etc.

Recent interests also encompass tree vibrations, biomimetics, metastructures and experimental noise and vibration.